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About Our RangeS

NorthShore Sports – Crystal Lake is a 20,500 sq. ft. indoor facility with a 12-position 75-foot Pistol Range and a 12-position 150-foot Rifle Range. Everyone is welcome at our range, from first-time shooters to experts looking to maintain or improve their skills. Always dress appropriately for the range. Wear crew neck t-shirts or button-up shirts to prevent hot brass from getting inside your clothing. Always wear high-traction footwear. High heels and sandals are not allowed.

Come as you are and we will outfit you for your time on the range.

With our emphasis on education and safety, we strengthen the sport of shooting and enhance your experience.

In order to provide the greatest flexibility in range capabilities, both NorthShore Sports – Crystal Lake ranges feature rubber berm backstops capable of stopping a .50 cal rifle bullet at point-blank range. The rubber berms also reduce the chances of ricochet and minimize lead dust. The walls are precast concrete and the ceiling is a concrete plank with reinforced baffles attached to the ceiling and walls.

The NorthShore Sports – Crystal Lake ranges are designed to be air-locked environments for soundproofing and to control airflow. Our state-of-the-art ventilation system is designed to eliminate air contamination caused by lead, gunpowder, and other air-borne materials. The HVAC system exchanges 75 cubic feet of air per minute across the shooting lanes, providing for comfortable ventilation meeting OSHA and NIOSH Standards. In short, the ranges have been designed at great expense with your safety and comfort as top priorities.

All ammunition must be approved by NorthShore Sports – Crystal Lake personnel. Factory ammunition and reloaded ammunition are permitted. For shotgun shooters, the rifle range will accommodate shotgun loads of buckshot and slug. Bird shot and target loads are not allowed.


Our usual hours of operation are 9:00 am to 9:00 pm, 7 days a week. The range may from time to time be closed for special events, classes, leagues, or maintenance. If you are traveling a long distance to visit, it’s best to call to ensure the range you plan to use is available.

What ammunition is restricted?

Any type of ammunition designed for penetrating metal is not permitted. Tracer, incendiary, green tip, gas, explosive, and armor-piercing rounds are not permitted on the range. Steel cased ammunition is acceptable. Brass casings must be used in NorthShore Sports – Crystal Lake rental firearms.


We do accept firearm transfers at NorthShore Sports – Crystal Lake. Our fee is $40 per firearm.

First time at our Range?

As a first-time visitor NorthShore Sports – Crystal Lake, please be aware that the initial sign-in process, which includes signing a waiver and entering your information into our database,  takes a bit longer than for returning customers – and is especially true for larger groups. Our goal is to have everyone assigned to a lane in the quickest time possible


Ready to buy that first gun or thinking about adding to your firearms collection?

Look over our large selection of rental guns and try out any that interest you.

Please Note: In order for a customer to rent,  handle, or shoot one of our rental firearms, State law requires that they be in possession of a valid FOID card AND be of legal age to handle the appropriate firearm (18 for a long gun and 21 for a handgun).

See our newly updated rental list below.

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