8-Hour Exemption Status Information

When registering for an OnTarget Range Illinois Concealed Carry Class it is your responsibility to ensure that you are in possession of all documentation supporting your eligibility for an 8-hour exemption. You may present any combination of the listed documentation for a maximum exemption of 8 hours. A combination of the following documentation must be in your possession, prior to your enrollment in, and the commencement of the 8-hour class.

Training Certificates of Completion:

Concealed Carry Permit or Certificate:

Military Service:

NRA Basic Pistol 8 hrs.
Utah 4 hrs. Honorable Military Discharge (DD-214) 8 hrs.
NRA Personal Defense Inside the Home 8 hrs. Florida 4 hrs. Active Duty Military (Current Duty Orders) 8 hrs.
NRA Personal Defense Outside the Home 8 hrs. Nevada 4 hrs. Military Reserves 8 hrs.
Illinois Hunter Safety Course 4 hrs. Missouri 4 hrs.    
Chicago Firearms Safety Course 4 hrs. Kentucky 4 hrs.    
Prior Law Enforcement/Corrections Officer Firearm Training as detailed in 430 ILCS 66/75 8 hrs. Michigan 4 hrs.    

All participants must take either a 16- or 8-hour class. Participants with only 4 hours of credit must take the 16-hour class but will receive a corresponding reduction in the price of the class to acknowledge their 4 hours of credit.

Although veterans are granted an 8-hour exemption, we highly recommend that those former service members who did not carry a handgun while in service take the full 16 hours.

Students without proper documentation will be directed to register for the next available 16-hour class.


Once a class is completed, NO REFUNDS will be given.

Course Curriculum & Requirements

Everything you need to know about our IL-CCW course can be found here  IL-CCW course requirements